miércoles, 8 de junio de 2011

Arclight Cinemas

Hollywood, CA
2nd Floor

Context is everything. But I suspect that even had I not sipped from this fountain immediately after being washed over by Terrence Malick's nourishing film The Tree of Life it would have left much to be desired. Anticipating a life affirming gulp of the very substance that enables our fragile existence on this tumultuous planet, I was instead met with a lukewarm lob of runoff. It was anything but an Arclight coming out of this poorly aligned stainless steel spout. Try as I might, it seems no amount of ponderous visual meditation on what it is to live will eliminate the dead taste from my mouth.

Taste: 4
Comfort: 3
Temperature: 5
Trajectory: 4
Pressure: 2
User Interface: 3

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