miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2009

Marcus Cinema

Marcus Oakdale Ultrascreen Cinema
Oakdale, MN
West Side

Eating popcorn tends to leave the viewer of even the most satisfying film with an uncomfortable thirst. Sadly, thanks to our country's obsession with enormous fountain drinks, the water fountains in movie theaters are often neglected by both patron and proprietor. It follows that I was pleasantly surprised to find this water fountain (pictured left) not merely a cheap and easy method to wash away residue salt from my palate, but indeed a source of hydratory delight! Go for the movie, stay for the water!

Taste: 10
Comfort: 4
Temperature: 9
Trajectory: 6
Pressure: 7
User Interface: 8

2 comentarios:

Priya dijo...

Must have been a pretty bad movie...or some super terrific water!

Emily dijo...

We missed you, thirsty reader.