domingo, 26 de julio de 2015

Hyde Park Square

Cincinnati, O.

The Hyde Park Farmers Market has no shortage of delicious treats. But after an hour of collecting sweet peppers, tomatoes, and dandelion salad, one longs for that most simple of culinary pleasures - a drink of water. On the west side of the square this fountain has stood proudly for exactly one century. Apparently the 1910s were years of experimentation unseen by today's standards - this fountain was unlike any I'd ever enjoyed. Actuated by a hefty foot pedal, the water shoots directly upward into the drinker's mouth. Unimbibed water is caught by the rather ornate brass plate and drains concentrically around the spout.  It makes for a unique drinking experience, not dissimilar to how the dogs were lapping water up from a nearby decorative font. Tasty, novel, and historic - this is a must-drink for visitors to Cincinnati.

Taste: 9
Comfort: 6
Temperature: 8
Trajectory: N/A
Pressure: 10
User Interface: 9

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