martes, 14 de octubre de 2008


Engineering Hall
University of Illinois - Urbana, IL
Ground Floor

Within a space of thirty feet in the same hallway, these two Elkay fountains can be found. The first is between the women's bathroom and the vending room. It provides a good alternative to the overpriced pop machine a few steps away. It has a nice taste, but I must recommend taking a short walk east for a superior drink. The fountains may look identical, but the second is a good fifteen degrees colder. It also is nicely situated beneath a piece of art entitled "Rotocircle II" by Richard Allen. It's kinda weird, but better than a blank wall.

Taste: 8
Comfort: 5
Temperature: 5
Trajectory: 6
Pressure: 7
User Interface: 7

Taste: 8
Comfort: 5
Temperature: 10
Trajectory: 9
Pressure: 9
User Interface: 7

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cnstnz dijo...

omg, you're writting again

Alex Iniguez dijo...

i need more fountain reviews!!!