lunes, 30 de abril de 2007


Aeropuerto Internacional Ministro Pistarini
Ezeiza, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Second floor, near International Departure gates
(Leftmost of three fountains)

This brass fountain provided a much needed drink after having spent $18 USD on a seemingly contrived mandatory airport tax. Despite the warmer than desirable temperature, the taste was rich and refreshing. Highly recommended, considering what appears to be a general lack of drinking fountains in metropolitan Latin America.

Taste: 8
Comfort: 6
Temperature: 7
Trajectory: 9
Pressure: 9
User Interface: 8

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achary dijo...

Dios mio, this is one of the most awesome blogs I have ever come across! There is a REALLY good water fountain between Roger Adams Lab and CLSL on the ground floor--hope you try it out some time (: